Field Trip Labs

Our field trips can include optional lab activities for an additional fee! If you would like to include a lab activity, please choose one of the following on your field trip request form:

Discovery Laboptional, additional fee, 30 minutes, gr. k-12, Maximum 90 students per visit

Individual lab trays give each student the opportunity to sift through matrix to search for and identify real marine fossils (e.g. shark teeth) using tools such as brushes, tweezers, magnifying glasses,and screens. The fossils are 100% real and remain the property of WSC. 


Owl Pellet Laboptional, additional fee, 40 minutes, see allergy warning, gr. 3-12, Maximum 60 students per visit

Each student dissects a sterilized natural owl pellet. The dissection of the pellet gives students a great hands-on scientific experience as they discover, identify, and assemble the bones of the owl’s prey. Students learn about the eating habits of owls and their place in the food chain, and how to identify animals from their bones. Find out what the bones can tell us about the biology of animals, the environment they live in, and their role in ecosystems. The bones found remain the property of WSC.
Allergy Warning: students with severe pet allergies can have allergic reactions to the fur in the pellets.


Bison Laboptional, additional fee, 1 hour, gr. 9-12, Maximum 40 students per visit

Students identify Bison teeth replicas to estimate the bison’s age by measuring the height and examining  its wear patterns. Students then build an age profile of the bison found at Diamond Valley Lake. The lesson is continued back in the school classroom as students complete the packets with their teachers.

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