Curation Facilities

The Repository

The Collections Repository (6,500 sq. ft.) serves as a repository in Riverside County for paleontological and archaeological collections derived from cultural and natural resource management projects as well as individual research projects that focus on Riverside County locations. The collections are housed in a state-of-the-art system: mobile compactor carriages holding 14′ high steel shelving equipped with seismic restraints and steel cabinets with aluminum drawers. Pallet racking houses larger, jacketed specimens. Managed by a team of collections management professionals, policies and procedures exceed the standards established by relevant museum and discipline-based professional societies. For more information on archeo or paleo repository services please email or call WSC at 951-791-0033.



The Research and Teaching Lab (940 sq. ft.) is our primary research lab that functions as a versatile space for both research and teaching. This lab has expanded bench space and cabinetry to accommodate both research and teaching, and it is equipped with a fume hood, two dust extraction vacuum trunks, microscopes and supplies.

Receiving Bay

The Receiving Bay and Preparation Lab (2,400 sq. ft. combined) are designed for receiving and initial preparation of collections. Equipped with 12′ wide rollup doors, equipment for heavy lifting, floor drains, and water outlets, the space can be used to wash down samples taken directly from the field or to process bags of matrix with microsamples.

Curation Lab

The Curation Lab (1,100 sq. ft.) provides clean working spaces for the Western Center’s curatorial staff, visiting scholars and researchers, and representatives of cultural groups interested in studying the collections. This lab has the highest level of secured access.

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