Stepping Out of the Past



Opening December 3rd, 2016!

Produced in collaboration with Mt. San Jacinto College, Stepping Out of the Past is a journey into humanity and our ancestors.

Take a journey into the not-so-distant past and meet case studies like Shanidar 1, a Neandertal who lived to old age despite numerous injuries. Piece together the fossils of early man in our dig pit. Walk through a prehistoric cave and leave your own cave art for other guests to find.

From Homo naledi to the Neandertals, this exhibit will introduce guests to their extended family tree.

To check out the behind-the-scenes progress of this exhibit, visit our blog Insert Exhibit Name Here.


Our Location
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10 am – 5 pm Tuesday through Sunday

Western Science Center

To inspire our community to discover the past, explore the present, and promote a sustainable future.