Valley of the Mastodons Workshop Schedule is Now Available!

The workshop schedule for Valley of the Mastodons is now available!

The full workshop schedule can be downloaded here.

Please RSVP to the workshop presentations here. Free for students & members w/ID, $5 for educators w/ID, regular admission for all others.

A full speaker schedule for the workshop presentations can be found below:

Thursday, August 3rd
8:10 AM | Dooley: Introduction
8:15 AM | Springer: “The Valley of the Mastodons 20 years on: a look at the past with a view toward the future”
8:30 AM | Scott: “More than mastodons: the Diamond Valley Lake local fauna in a regional context.”
8:45 AM | Dooley: “Mastodons of Unusual Size: How do California specimens of Mammut americanum compare to the rest of North America?”
9:05 AM | K. Smith: “American mastodon tusk morphology: Beast Coast vs. Best Coast”
9:25 AM | Engh: Mastodon Painting
9:45 AM | Break
10:00 AM | Pasenko: “A comparison of the scaphoid in the families Elephantidae, Mammutidae, and Gomphotheriidae (Proboscidea, Mammalia).”
10:20 AM | Zazula: “Mastodons of the frozen North”
10:40 AM | Widga: “In the time of giants: Mastodons from the Gray Fossil Site”
11:10 AM | G. Smith: “The ecological interrelationships of sympatric mammoths, mastodons, and gomphotheres”
11:30 AM | Green: “Regional variation in the browsing diet of the American mastodon as revealed by tooth wear”
11:50 AM | Means: “Beyond the Valley of the Mastodons: 3-D Technology and Ice Age Animals of North America”



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