Valley of the Mastodons


Now Open!

Mastodons once roamed Diamond Valley Lake – this summer, they’re coming back.

The WesC2oBhNFUkAEVTYWtern Science Center is home to dozens of mastodons who lived during the Ice Age. With the help of researchers and scientists from across the country, we’ll be investigating fossils that have never before been on public display.

Using tools like CT scanning and 3D printing, we’ll explore the inside (and outside!) of our mastodons  From Blaze, a fossil mastodon with scorch marks, to the famous Max and his jaw injuries, we’ve only scratched the surface of what we know about these long dead animals.

Valley of the Mastodons will not only be an exhibit, but a workshop where science will be done in real timein front of the public! Beginning August 2nd and leading up to the exhibit’s opening reception on August 4th, scientists from across the country will be arriving at the Western Science Center to study the mastodons in the museum collections. Participating researchers include Dr. Kathlyn Smith (Georgia Southern University), Chris Widga (East Tennessee University), Jeremy Green (Kent State University), Eric Scott (Cogstone Resource Management), Gregory Smith (Vanderbilt University), Dr. Bernard Means (Virginia Commonwealth University), Kathleen Springer (USGS), and Dr. Grant Zazula (Yukon Department of Tourism and Culture). The exhibit will also feature artwork by paleoartist Brian Engh.

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